Mar 2, 2014

Book Review. Drew Struzan: Ouvre

Drew Struzan: Ouvre

For those of you that remember my gushing review of The Art of Drew Struzan. You would remember that I had initially planned on reviewing both books together until I realized how very different they are.

While that book may have been a glimpse into the process of the artist and was rich with contextual back story, Ouvre is more of a straight shot through Drew's illustrative career. What it lacks in exposition, it surely makes up for in sheer volume and variety of content.

This book has absolutely everything. From The movie posters that we already know and love to his recognizable works in the world of publishing and music. Books cover, magazine illustrations and music memorabilia seem like a far cry from the "Home Run" posters that we think of whenever we imagine a George Lucas or Steven Spielberg film. I rather enjoyed this glimpse into the life of the working illustrator. It was nice to see pieces that to us are still masterful, but to Drew, could have been just another paycheck.

Certain pieces feel like filler and at double the size of The Art of Drew Struzan, there certainly would have been some room to take out the weaker pieces. Although I wasn't to hot on it, I did really like the inclusion of Drew's personal work. It traditional painting that seems to be Drew pulling away from everything that has made him well known as an illustrator. When you view it, you really see this completely different narrative from anything else that he has worked on professionally.

I would recommend this book as a standalone purchase for any artist, art lover or pop culture enthusiast. As an artist, I think that it is a must to own both books, in order to really get the whole Drew Struzan story. He is definitively a modern master and is someone that drives me to push myself to become a better artist with each new piece I do.

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